Jumat, 05 November 2010

The reasons why we eat organic foods

1. Stop Eating Chemicals
Organic foods must, by law (WSDA) (USDA), be produced without use of pesticides and other synthetic chemicals such as those which are easily detected on conventionally grown fruits, vegetables and grains. 

2. Preserve Water Quality and Air Quality
Water and air are our most important resources.
Organic farmers do not contribute to water pollution. Organic livestock farms are prohibited from being point sources of nitrate.

3. Protect Farm Worker Health
Farm workers in this country and abroad are exposed to the highest concentrations of agricultural poisons of any segment of the population and the devastation to them and their families is well documented. These are the people who tend and harvest our food, they deserve better. Help in their struggle for a safe work environment and vote with your pocketbook by buying organic foods.

4. Save Energy
Organic farming is accomplished with less energy consumption. Inputs like fertilizer are naturally occurring and require less processing than substances manufactured by huge chemical companies. Organic food generally travels less miles from farm to market saving energy in transport. Many organic farmers incorporate alternative and renewable energy sources into their farming/homesteading systems.

5. Organic Foods Taste Better.
Taste is hard to quantify, but science does tell us that organic foods do have higher levels of vitamins, minerals and beneficial nutrients than conventional foods. It only makes sense that food grown in soil that has been nourished and cared for is more nutritious and will end up tasting better. 
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Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

jilbab segi4 lukis/soled
JILBAB segi empat

melengkapi koleksi jilbab para muslimah
Bahan lembut dan ringan, warna yang beragam
Banyak pilihan warnanya...

hanya 34.000/pcs. minimal order 10 pcs.
belum termasuk ongkos kirim

Buat yang suka MODIS & PRAKTIS, tapi tetap menutup aurat ....
sekarang ada JILBAB BERTANGAN!!

model ELEGAN, dipakai di rumah oK, untuk bepergian juga membuat tambah cantik pemakainya.... 
Banyak pilihan warnanya. PILIH WARNA YANG SESUAI selera ANDA !!

Hanya 42.000/pcs. minimal beli 3. belum termasuk ongkos kirim. 

Hubungi ita 081 2262 0157